N-Heterocyclic Carbenes

Main Group OM

1. Which reaction utilizes Grignard\'s reagent?
2. Homoleptic carbonyl complexes exhibit only one CO band.
3. Bridged complexes form due to ...
4. Which of the statements is true?
5. Which are the most reactive main-group organyls?
6. Many main-group organyls are ...
7. Which ligands form the most stable bridges between metals?
8. Aggregation of organolithium compounds occurs preferably in ...
9. Main group organyls react primarily as ...
10. Carbonyl complexes are favorably formed with low valent metal centers.
11. What is the bond order of M-H-M bridges?
12. What is the bond order of M-Br-M bridges?
13. Which reaction utilizes organoboron species?
14. Which reaction utilizes organozinc species?

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