Main Group OM

1. Carbonyl complexes are favorably formed with low valent metal centers.
2. Which reaction utilizes organozinc species?
3. Many main-group organyls are ...
4. What is the bond order of M-Br-M bridges?
5. Which of the statements is true?
6. Which reaction utilizes Grignard\'s reagent?
7. What is the bond order of M-H-M bridges?
8. Aggregation of organolithium compounds occurs preferably in ...
9. Main group organyls react primarily as ...
10. Which reaction utilizes organoboron species?
11. Which are the most reactive main-group organyls?
12. Bridged complexes form due to ...
13. Homoleptic carbonyl complexes exhibit only one CO band.
14. Which ligands form the most stable bridges between metals?

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